The inimitable Jaugar E-Type

First up, welcome back! We know we’ve been quiet for a bit – blame post-Geneva jet lag. Or something like that. Anyway, back to business. Jaguar is all over its half century of E-type at the moment, the legendary first appearance at Geneva and 50 years since sales started both making March a special month for the iconic Jag. Even Auto Jotto’s gone all-out in its 50th road test special. Time then to look back at the E-type and, amidst that, her on-screen appearances.

Much has been said over the years about the E-type’s, er, suggestive proportions. This and its embodiment of swinging 60s ideals mean it is, perhaps, one of the most eroticised cars of all time. Even then it comes as a surprise to see soft-core classic (it says here) Emmanuelle among its resume of screen outings. Not to mention a Swedish art house film (a fact and a euphemism in one)  called Ann och Eve – de Erotiska. There are of course the somewhat darker sexual overtones of Harold And Maude and the famous E-type hearse conversion too. And you were thinking of The Italian Job, Austin Powers or forgotten John Wayne in London flick Brannigan.


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