We can clearly see that the future of performance is alive and well at Subaru. Tomohiko Ikeda said recently, “You know that Subaru is well known for its performance models and our passionate owners always want to know what we are thinking in the area. Today we will give you a message that Subaru will continue to be committed to performance products.”

The new WRX Concept that was unveiled at the New York International Auto Show tells us that Subaru is committed to rolling out more performance models than ever before. Subaru performance fans can look forward to a new turbocharged intercooled engine with more power, a lighter more agile WRX STI with carbon fiber body panels, and improved handling from a tuned chassis. We can also look for even more AWD grip and road hugging performance from the patented Subaru Symmetrical all-wheel-drive system that is being improved. If you are a fan of Subaru and performance, there is much to be excited about.